Thursday, August 9, 2012


Part 2: Bring on the Bulls and the chaos that fallows. Speedy recovery to Darcy, who sustained a compound fracture to his leg. Welcome back from retirement to Chris Adams - it was great to see that riding style of his again and to all the rookies that came out and gave their all - welcome to the world of rodeo .........hurts don’t it??? LOL. See you down the road. Once again Casey Trudeau found time in his busy weekend to get on a bull to end the weekend.


With so much action in Tweed this weekend, I had to split it all up in two parts. The stock contractors brought the buckers and the cowboys brought the try!!! A number of rookies threw their hats in the ring with the season vets - some did well while others... not so much! Even the crew took some knocks this weekend. Part One - kudos go to Colton Moore for his first 8 sec ride on a Jr. Steer as well to the Trudeau kids for getting it done in the “mutton bustin” .

Monday, August 6, 2012

Saturday, July 28, 2012


The Ram Rodeo Tour storms back into Orangeville once again and the stock contrators put the cowboys on notice. Even seasoned champs were hitting the dirt early. While still being bucked off the rookies to the tour and some graduates from the build a cowboy program's bull school showed some promise against some rank stock but in my humble opinion the high lite of the weekend was the last bull out. James Sullivan aboard Wyatt Earp. Many of you know, but for those who dont young James was the rider who was badly hung up at the end of last years video from Orangeville. Well not this year, James and Wyatt danced all the way to the buzzer taking the weekends top honors. kudos to cody heal for taming gold nugget only the second man to do so.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


This week’s URT event comes from Calhoun Stables and fittingly so as it was the Bronc riders who put on the show. This week I take you a little more into the “buckin chutes” for a sneak peek at some of the goings on that may not be experienced from the bleachers.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


This past weekend the RAM Rodeo Tour rolled back into Warkworth On for what made all the usual expectations from the lil' town in the hill - it was hot and the stock bucked hard! In the sixteen years that Warkworth has been putting on the rodeo, it has gained the reputation with all the cowboys for having the stock come alive and for being brutally hot. This weekend had some great match ups between some great cowboys vs some awesome bucking stock with the livestock winning out almost every time. Kudos to the contractors. Stewart pletcher (broncs)and Joe Dawg Shaw (bulls) - Jason Trupstra(jr bulls)